7/14, Bogomol'tsea str., 01024, Kyiv, Ukraine

About company

"Always choose the most difficult way – you will not meet any rivals there."

Charles de gaulle 

“AIP AGROGROUP” LLC company was founded in December 2013 in Kyiv. Since this date the history of this dynamic company began. At the time of establishment of the company, the main activity was the wholesale of grapes, plums and peaches from Republic of Moldova. At present the company “AIP AGROGROUP” LLC is developing on the Ukrainian market with an assortment of fruit and vegetables grown on its territory with the use of new technologies. At the moment, the main office of  "“AIP AGROGROUP” LLC is in Kyiv and is represented by a branch office in Kishinev (Republic of Moldova).

Our main activity is to import from countries such as Republic of Moldova, Turkey, Albania, Belarus, Georgia and others.

“AIP AGROGROUP” LLC is not only an importer, but an exporter of fruit and fresh vegetables. The export is carried out to such countries as Belarus (in its major supermarket chains such as: Evroopt, Almy and Frutreal), Kazakhstan and the Baltic countries. The company also supplies fruit to the large number of supermarkets across the country such as: ATB-Market, Billa, Silpo Food, Auchan, Eco-Market, Furshet, Caravan, Novus, Metro, Varus, Velyka Kyshenya, Alliance Market and etc."The company has its own autopark.

The company’s warehouses of Class A are equipped with modern facilities for the storage and afterripening of the fruit, so we can provide an effective customer service and guarantee the hight quality of the product. To date, the volume of our cooling chamber is about 400 tons or more. Our warehouse is located 30 km away from Kyiv on the Odesskaya highway.  


The address of our warehouse: 4B Vokzalna St. Glevaha, Kyiv region, Ukraine

The main principles of work of our company:

  • We strive to do our job professionally, using the latest technological developments and innovative management solutions;
  • We are always open and honest with each other and our partners;
  • We are dynamic and constantly developing;
  • We aim to make cooperation with all our partners, customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders profitable for everyone.

Over the years the company “AIP AGROGROUP” LLC has created a reputation of a reliable, successful, long-term partner with a stable business.

The activity of “AIP AGROGROUP” LLC is focused on the provision of fruit and vegetables to a wide range of users - from supermarkets to small shops, from large wholesale customers to entrepreneurs.

Our production:

The assortment includes not only imported goods, but also domestic fruit and vegetables.


Fruit and berries

Manufacturer country Product name Period
jan. fab. mar apr. may jun. jul aug. sep. oct. nov. dec.
Moldova Peach x x x
Grape x x x x x x x
Plum x x x x x
Quince x x x x x
Ukraine Apple x x x x x x x x x x
Strawberry x x x
Raspberries x x x x x
Watermelon x x
Turkey Mandarin x x x x
Orange x x x x
Garnet x x x x x x
grapes x x x x


Manufacturer country Product name Period
jan. fab. mar apr. may jun jul aug. sep. oct. nov. dec.
Ukraine Potatoes x x x
Bulb onions x x x x x x x
Beet x x x x
Carrot x x
Squash x x
Eggplant x x
Beijing cabbage x x x x
Cauliflower x x x x x
Pepper x x x x
Corn x x
Garlic x x x x x x x x x x
Tomatoes x x x x x x x x x
Cucumbers x x x x x x x x x
Turkey Tomatoes x x x x x x
Cucumber x x x x x x
Albania Tomatoes x x x x x x
Cucumbers x x x x x x
Pepper x x x x x x
Cauliflower x x x x x x

Our awards

For the time of active development “AIP AGROGROUP” LLC company undertook a long journey which can be presented both in kilometres and in achievements. Every award is thrust daily work of the «AIP AgroGroup LLC”....

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Visitor registration has begun for participation in the eleventh international conference "Fruit and Vegetables of Ukraine-2014". It will be held from 8 to10 December 2014 in hotel "Rus" in Kyiv.