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The carrot is a root vegetable in the family Apiaceae.

The carrot was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans. In the Middle Ages carrot was cultivated a delicacy vegetable, and since the 17th century it has been actively cultivated in Spain, Italy, France, Holland, England, and then in other European countries.

The content of carotene in carrot - a substance that the body turns into vitamin A, B vitamins, as well as a significant amount of sugar makes the carrot nutritionally valuable vegetable.

Bright orange carrots are of the best qualities, since the intensity of the color depends on the content of a large amount of the colorant - carotene. Comparing to other vegetables the carrot has the highest amount of the carotene that is why it is in all forms - raw, cooked, braised - especially useful for children. Carrot also has considerable amount of  potassium which distinguishes it among other vegetables. Bright orange carrot contains the largest content of sugar.

The core of the carrot is the most rigid and rough part. It is distinguished by considerable content of cellulose and low content of sugar. High quality varieties of carrot have small core which is no different in colour from the outer cortex.

Carrots are rich in sugar, fiber, amino acids. It contain magnesium, iron, cobalt. The most important elements of carrots are carotenoids on which its orange colour depends. In the organism they are transformed into retinol, but only with the fats involvement. For this reason, carrot dishes are usually eaten with addition of fats (vegetable oil, sour cream, mayonnaise).

Carrot has a laxative effect which is very important for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Carrot juice is useful in anemia, increases the body's resistance to cold. For constipation and hemorrhoids treatment people drink carrot juice on empty stomach. This product is essential for people with poor eyesight, dry skin.

Carrots are widely used for prevention and treatment of hypo-and avitaminosis. Constant use of carrot strengthens the organism, increases its resistance to infectious diseases and negative environmental impact.

Carrots are used in natural food diet to treat diseases of cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys. This vegetable combats effectively pathogenic microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, and recent studis prove that the carrot have the same properties in this field as onion and garlic..

Raw carrot strengthens the gums, while boiled one is recommended for chest-foundering, cough, tuberculosis. Schientists extract daukorin from the carrot seeds. It is a drug used to treat angina.

The value of carrot is determined by a high content of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, the presence of organic acids, mineral salts and special taste. The carrot roots contain water-soluble vitamins B1 (0.1 mg%), B2 (0.05 mg%), and fat-soluble B6 - E, D, K, essential oils, flavonoids, nicotinic acid (0.4 mg%), ascorbic acid (0.5 mg%), folic acid (0.1 mg%), pantothenic acid (0.15 mg%), carotene (7.2 mg%); sugar (15%); salts of calcium, sodium, manganese and phosphorus; volatile. The content of water in carrot is 88.8% of nitrogenous substances - 1.1%, fats - 0,2%, carbohydrates - 9.2%. Carrots also contain a small amount of iodine.

Carrot is rich in sodium and phosphorus in comparison to other vegetables.

Mineral content (mg / per 100 g of vegetables)

Sodium Potassium Calcium Magnesium Iron Sulphur Phosphorus

Carrot      272.0       156.0        83.0          32.0       7.4       94.0    47.0

Carrot roots, tops and seeds are used in folk medicine. In the XVI century in Russia people used carrot juice in the treatment of heart disease, liver and nasopharynx disorders. Carrots have also has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, laxative, antispasmodic, antitumor, anthelmintic, wound-healing effect. It is particularly useful for women as it improves stomach functioning, cleanses the face, strengthens the hair.

One of the most effective carrot healing property is strengthening of the retina.

Gargling carrot juice is the best thing for a cold. A mix of carrot juice and honey is used in treatment of  a strong cough and hoarseness, and carrot juice and milk mix helps to relieve asthma attacks. Carrot juice is recommended for gastric hyperacidity.

The high content of iodine is the reason why this vegetable is highly recommended for people with hypothyroid. Carrot contributes to memory improvement, calms the nervous system, improves appetite.

Carrot is not recommended to people who have an exacerbation of stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer and enteritis.

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