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Napa or nappa cabbage  is a type of Chinese cabbage. On the markets the cabbage is sold for a number of years, but long oblong cabbage heads were brought to our markets from afar and as a result they cost dearly. An still very few people know about the amazing properties of this vegetable. Currently, Ukrainian and Russian farmers have learned how to cultivate the Chinese cabbage so now it can be bought in any supermarket.There are several types of Chinese cabbage.

Caloricity of  Napa Cabbage is 16 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Chemical composition of Napa cabbage

According to the content of nutrients, dietary properties and taste of Chinese cabbage surpass all other varieties of cabbage. The protein content in the leaves is 1.5-3.5% and the ascorbic acid is 4-5 times greater than in the leaves of lettuce. Nutritive value depends on a high content (mg / 100 g of crude material) of vitamin C (60-95), B1 (0.10) B2 (0.08), B6 (0.16), PP (0.6) A (0.1-0.2). Also, it contains a large amount of citric acid, and carotene.

Benefits and harms of Chinese cabbage

Complex biochemical composition of Chinese cabbage places it in the range of essential foodstuffs. Chinese cabbage has medicinal properties (calorizator). It has to be included in the daily diet in radiation sickness as it is able to remove heavy metals out of the body. Due to the content of amino acids, Chinese cabbage is able to boost immunity. Anti-cancer properties of this vegetable have been proved recently.

Experts recommend to include Chinese cabbage in the diet of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. It affects favorably the function of the digestive tract, helps to prevent constipation. Chinese cabbage strengthens nervous system, helps to fight against chronic fatigue, stress and depression.

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