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Eggplant originates from India and Burma, from where they were brought to Asia. Much later in the XV-XVII centuries Eggplant was introduced to Europe by the Arabs or Portuguese.  To Russia the eggplant was brought from Central Asia and the Caucasus in the XVII century. In tropical climate it is a perennial plant. On the islands of Polynesia aboriginal huts are surrounded by eggplant gardens.

Eggplant is a high biovailability product of high biological value and antisclerotic effect. It reduces blood cholesterol levels. Eggplant is rich in potassium (226 mg of potassium per 100 g of eggplant), which is very effective for normalization of water metabolism, eliminating excess water and sodium from the body, as well as improving the heart functioning.

To be suitable for cooking the eggplant must be inripe, with small seeds, tender flesh and soft skin.. Such eggplant contains a great amount of sugar, protein, mineral salts,% 5 mg of vitamin C.

Eggplant has more medical value as it is used in treatment of cardiovascular disease and gout. In connection with low-calorie fruit of eggplant, they are particularly useful for people who are prone to obesity. Due to low caloricity eggplant is espetially wholesome for people with overweight.

They contain lot of glucose, starch,  cell walls, cyanocobalamin, iron, manganese. Due to the high content of manganese eggplant enhance the insulin effect. Eggplant also contains phosphorus, magnesium, copper, vitamin C (20 mg%), nicotinic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, carotene (provitamin A) and specific bitter substance - solanine glycoalkaloid M. The vegetable color depends on the zelfinidina and its derivatives content. They are especially useful for people suffering from the circulatory system disorder. Eggplant is recommended for treatment of anemia, liver disease, kidney disease, gout, for the prevention of constipation.

Eggplant caloricity is very low (18 per 100 g). It is better not to cook them with oil or fat, because a low calorie eggplant tends to absorb an incredible amount of high-calorie fats.

Due to the low carbohydrate content, the eggplant is very useful in patients with diabetes mellitus.

Eggplant soft tissue stimulates bowel functioning, prevents the development of putrefactive processes. The juice of fresh and cooked fruit of this plant has high bactericidal properties.

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